Our massage therapy discount program is “The Back Rub Club”.  We enjoy making massage therapy affordable for everyone… NO contracts, NO strings attached.

The Back Rub Club offers members the best value for their therapeutic and relaxation needs.

VIP Package

This special V.I.P. price is good for members only and requires a minimum of one visit each month.

60 min $70

90 min $100

120 min $130


Elite Packages

As an Elite Member you pre-pay for your package and enjoy the lowest prices we offer – each package saves you $60!

These packages are shareable. Unused visits expire 4 months after the first visit is used. Expired visits remain available for use but require payment of a $15 renewal fee when each expired visit is used.

Gold Package $260

Four 1 hour massages at $65 each

Platinum Package $380

Four 1 ½ hour massages at $95 each

Diamond Package $500

Four 1 ½ hour massages at $125 each

*We are able to offer these great prices only by limiting the lifetime of the package.  Expired visits remain available for use, but require payment of the $15 RENEWAL FEE for each expired visit at the time it is used.

These packages are available for purchase in office or over the phone.

Stop by at 3022 S. National, Springfield, MO or you can give us a call at 417-886-4826, to purchase over the phone.